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1957 Piatti

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What a strange and wonderful scoot.

I (on the left) bought this bike from Alejandro in Santiago, Chile (on the right).

I heard about it from my friend Jay H., who saw it on eBay.

I captured part of the second eBay auction, it looked like this. I missed the auction both times, and contacted the seller directly.

Here's how it looked at American's cargo terminal, August 2000.

The only thing I would do differently, working with Alejandro or anyone else, is to consider packaging for shipment better. The crate's the thing. The carb was almost lost, and it seems the gas cap was. The stickers that the shippers put on took paint off with them.

Ready to go home.

Settin' in the driveway. 125 cc, three-speed transmission. The clutch works, all three gears are smooth, the tank is there and the exhaust is there; it has compression and it has a carb (though probably not the original, which seems to have been Amil).

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