R. Buckminster Fuller's
Dymaxion Car

Dymaxion #2 at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, August 2000

The 4D company of Bridgeport Connecticut built three prototype Dymaxion Cars, or "Omni-Medium Transport" vehicles.

A patent for the vehicle was applied for in 1933, and granted in 1937. Here's more about the patent.

I went to Reno in the summer of 2000, where I visited the most excellent collection at the National Automobile Museum. They have the only known remaining Dymaxion Car, vehicle #2. Have a look.

I also have various photos and other images of the Dymaxion.

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UPDATE, 2009: Dymaxion Car #2 (the one I sat in at The National Auto Museum in Reno, NV) is in England being restored by Crosthwaite and Gardiner, who, it seems, up to the task and more. Here's an article from Hemming's.

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