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last updated 8/11/97

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Now that was fun weekend. Saturday gave us such memorable scenes as…

Bunch in a Bajaj

My 1974 Bajaj driving around on the picnic grounds. There is, you will notice, an entire family in the back. It makes it easier to understand how these are the workhorses of the third-world to see it loaded like this, but still capable of chugging along.

You can just barely see two HMV Freeways in the background.

two micros

These are two of the fine specimens of BMW: Isetta and a 600 that appeared at the show.

Messerschmitt et alia

Here's a Messerschmitt Kabinenroller in the foreground, and a Honda with a sidecar in the background. Note, all along the left, the row of Nash Metropolitans. Good showing!

End of the day

And here's the view at the end of the day… loading up the Freeway and the Bajaj with everyone else gone.

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