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last updated 8/11/97

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Now that was fun weekend. Saturday gave us such memorable scenes as…

6 in a Bajaj

My 1974 Bajaj driving around on the picnic grounds. There is, you will notice, an entire family of five in the back. It makes it easier to understand how these are the workhorses of the third-world to see it loaded like this, but still capable of chugging along.

Note in the background, left, the red BMW Isetta, and in the background, right, the Messerschmitt cabin scooter.

two micros

These two three-wheelers (a Daihatsu, orange, two wheels in back, and a Heinkel, blue, two wheels in front) both from the 50s) are seen here at the house of one of the club members. The Heinkel is from New Jersey, the Daihatsu is at home. Note the Microcar and Minicar Club banner in the background.

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