Collage courtesy of Andrew Phillips. See his human-powered TTW on the HPV page below.

Tilting Three-Wheelers

site last updated September 2007

This page is offered to help spread awareness and excitement about TTWs.
They are exciting, efficient, relatively safe, and very comfortable.
I'm not sure about them, myself. I built two. Kinda scared me.

Much of the material on this page comes from
links, data, articles and patents that the tireless researcher and
TTW ("tilting three-wheeler") proponent, Mitch Casto.
He can be reached by email at
You can also join the him and the other interested parties at the tilting list group in Yahoo...

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There are five parts to this site:

And a note on intellectual property and copyright: as far as I know, everything on this
page is available elsewhere on the web, and all sources are cited. Your comments,
questions, even compaints are welcome. Email the webmaster.

Note, too, conventions for describing quantities like propulsion, layout, number of seats, can be found at this descriptions page.

Max Hall maintains this site.Your comments are always welcome, and encouraged.

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