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last updated 7/31/2002

Designs and Simulations...

Link to John Brennan's page Cliff Ingram, UK, 1997

2F0T, Assisted, Gas, 1+1 seats, Closed. This is the only 0T (no wheels tilting) vehicle I have listed so far: the body leaned, but none of the wheels. According to a London Times article from November 24, 1997, Mr. Ingram was not a little put out at having been "pipped at the post" by Mercedes and the introduction of the Life-Jet at the Frankfurt Auto Show:

"I feel angry that I have poured 5,000 hours of thought and development time into an idea I conceived ten years ago - while enduring the slog against prejudice shown towards inventors in this country - only to be pipped at the post by Mercedes."

The picture above is from the website of Feet-Forward enthusiast John Brennan. Clicking it or London Times website, on 24th November 1997, under the name "British ingenuity proves no match for German money." (You can try clicking here to get to the article but I think you need to register at the main page.)

Link to Foale's sketches directory QT, 199?

1F1T, Assisted, Gas, 1 seat, Open. Tony Foale is working on one. His is powered by a BMW boxer (R-series 2-cyl opposed). You can see some of his sketches in this list, they are the ones marked "QT."

Side View The Lean Dream, 199?

1F1T, Assisted, Gas, 1 seat, Closed. Robert Starkey is working on one. It's a good looking TTW, and is intended to be FAST. His description, and some CAD-generated views of the vehicle may be viewed. Here's to your success, Bob! Questions and comments can be sent to

3/4 view FLV-2, 199?

2F3T, Assisted, Gas, 1 seat, Closed. Bradly P.'s FLV-2 Project looks like fun, and you can tell by Bradly's affinity for the band They Might Be Giants and other references on his page that he has to be a pretty fun guy. Check out his well-considered design and proposals for power plant, etc., at Bradly P.'s FLV-2 Project page.

Padua Simulation Professor Cossalter et alia, University of Padua

1F1T, Natural, no drive, 1 seat, Open. Professor Cossalter and students have done a simulation of a TTW as it rolls over rough terrain. There's good moving images at this site, as well as nice image rendering.

Raffaele Bergamente Raffaele Bergamente

1F3T, Natural, Gas or Electric, 1 seat, Closed. As far as I know, this man has no web site for his most interesting design, but he can be reached at

The Trio Rendering Michael Scacht Studio, CAD rendering

2F3T, (unknown tilt mech), (unknown drive), 1 seat, Closed. I'm not sure this is worth mentioning, as it seems to be a CAD doodle as far as I can tell. (Tell me otherwise, I'll be delighted!)

Model of the Zark 1500 Zark 1500

Pictured is a model (a darn good one) of The Zark 1500, the design project of Paul Morrow for his 1996 degree in Transport Design. The fascinating thing about this speeder is it can be a two person vehicle. Click on the picture to see how that works. Paul is working in the transport industry now, and gets to hang around with designers of other famous three-wheeled production vehicles, lucky man. Thanks for sharing this one with all of us, Paul.

2F3T, Assisted, Gas, 1+1 seats, Closed.

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