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1959 Silver Pigeon

last updated 8/23/2007

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Offered by Rockford Scooters of Rockford, Illinois, this bike was made in Japan by Mitsubishi. This one is a model C-76F. It's easy to ride because it has an automatic transmission between its four-stroke (11.7 cu. in.) motor and the chain-drive output.

Slim the UPS Pilot goes for a ride.

Note the handy toolbox at the back. A cushion can be fitted to it for a pillion rider; foot pegs swing out from under the legshields.

On the left side, the chain drive. On the right side, the variable-pitch drive pulleys.

Floormat on the left side. The left handgrip and the lights and horn switches.

Left: The "pigeon" in the horn's chromed cover looks more like an eagle from WWII Germany, but ok.

Center: The dash includes only a keyswitch and the speedometer/odometer.

Right: Note the "Made in Japan" badge with the three diamonds logo so familiar now on Mitsubishi cars.

Check out the Silver Pigeon Home Page,

Sold to John and Michelle D. in August, 2007.

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