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Special Guest:

Erik and his 1958 Brutsch Mopetta

which became

Charles and his 1958 Brutsch Mopetta

because Erik sold it to Charles. See? But Charles has since sold it. And so it goes!

last updated 6/5/2002

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1958 Brutsch Mopetta
Erik cleaned up his grandfather's Mopetta. It had never been driven.

Pre-clean side view

Just look at how it started!

Pre-clean front view

Grimy from another view.

Mopetta advertisement

And here's an ad for the Mopetta, back in its younger days. I might add that the Mopetta never went into full productionů this example of the Mopetta is a rarity indeed. Erik sold it to Charles, in the Boston area, in November 1997. Charles sold it in about 2000. There are maybe five left in the world, by the way. I meant rare when I said it.

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