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1958 Rumi Formichino Sport

last updated 12/2018

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Thanks, Gene, for all that great documentation, a smooth and fun transaction, and a beautiful machine. You and Waid show how it should be done.

Off it went to FL in 2008, to a nice doctor. Then in 2018 I got a ping from its new owner, Joseph, also in FL... he did an engine rebuild, and he's driving it. Niiiiice.

These pics are from the gray day in March when I unloaded it... better photos later?

I fetched up the nicely-done crate one Saturday morning. Note the twin trucks in the right photo: my mother-in-law came to visit in their truck. Excellent, huh.

Three cast aluminum sections form the body; the engine itself is a structural element. This Rumi two-cylinder engine is legendarily smooth.

A single 22 mm Dell'Orto carb breathes for the two aluminum-alloy, steel-lined cylinders.
The two 42-mm-bore and 45-mm-stroke comprise the 125 cc displacement, the cylinders fire 180 degrees apart.
The engine generates 8hp at 7200 rpm.Compression ratio is 7.0:1, the bike can go 69 mph.
This model has a four-speed gearbox.

Front wheel detail. 3.5 x 10 in tires. 125 mm drum brakes serve front and rear.

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